My Story

Amy on the Beach
I am an entry level front end developer. In late 2016 I attended a weekend with Rails Girls Los Angeles building an app in a weekend. My app was a fun little travel app of things to do in Los Angeles. It was my introduction to computer programming and to building stuff with code, but after that, I was hooked. I began self-teaching working my way through lots of online tutorials, taking advantage of the resources programmers have created for others who’d like to learn. After deciding I wanted to be a developer full time, I enrolled in a bootcamp to accelerate my learning, and ensure my foundational knowledge was solid. My bootcamp focused on the front end, but I am open interested in going full stack, and eventually becoming a software engineer. As such, I’m using a strategic focus on JavaScript and exploring quality assurance. I’m open to any opportunity that will let me continue to learn and hone my skills along the way. I will graduated from Codetalk, a Venice based bootcamp run by the St. Joseph Center and funded by Snap, inc in 2017.

Languages, tools, and frameworks I’ve worked with:

html5 | CSS3 | JavaScript | jQuery | Ruby | Git | Github / Bitbucket | Bootstrap4

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