More tinkering

5 June 2017 by Amy

I’ve finished the tutorial. Now for a small list of a few little refinements I could make in the future that are curently deliberate features in the site.

Bottom menu: Turn the ‘Blog’ item back into a link (unlike the top where it is a drop-down-menu). Alternativly, I could try my hand at a drop-up menu.

Responsive design: Change ‘Blog’ on both bottom and top into a link back to my ‘/blog’ index page.

Comments: As I’ve blogged about previously, adding comments would help complete everything.

Social Media Links: Reposition github to to the bottom and make it a little bigger, the porportion is off.

Blog Posts: At some point my blog title list broke and is now hanging out on the left side of the page, even though it’s aligned for the right side.